Culture at its most meaningful is personal and collective interaction with ourselves, through the filter of the artists we empower to provide this vital service. It is a mirror to our existence, a contextual sound- and film-track to our lives, and an expression of our deepest aspirations.

My lifelong service to the connection between people and culture therefore is really as connector, organizer and translator between people in the creation and consumption of artistic expression in a never ending culture loop I consider to be at the essence of what it means to be human.

The forms this has taken range considerably: creating multi-nation tours and a globally-distributed recording of a Kenyan youth choir, programming unexpected artists in the world’s most famous toy store in the heart of New York City, rejuvenating and establishing dynamic programming for a fabulous old theater in northern Vermont, guiding the world’s most famous mime though the last decade of his career, producing festivals of Japanese artists at the renowned Carnegie Hall, and sharing the unique culture of Louisiana with thousands of Russian citizens. Further, it involves conveying knowledge and experience to the next generation of arts administrators through teaching and writing.

The tools used involve commercial participants and non-profits, individual and organizational partners, and funders as appropriate to achieve the goals.. What matters most are the planning and execution, the integrity and spirit of the process, and the beneficial community impact.


Tony’s vision of global cultural citizenry is rooted in international tour management during the international heyday of American contemporary dance with the renowned companies of Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis, and by extension introduction to legends such as Rudolf Nureyev and Marcel Marceau. A subsequent decade of performing arts center management involved setting up the highly successful Flynn Center in Burlington, VT in the historic Flynn Theatre, followed by the presidency of New York’s City Center during a period of robust growth. In both, Tony was instrumental in historic restoration, operations and programming, fund development, and staff management.

In 1992, while completing an MBA at Columbia University in New York, Tony established Micocci Productions, LLC, as an institutional frame within which to produce festivals and tours of significant productions to virtually every continent, to consult clients ranging from New York’s Lincoln Center to the cultural office of the City of Kyiv, Ukraine, and to manage a luminous roster of international touring artists and producers. A highlight of this work was international management of the French mime Marcel Marceau through the last decade of his very active career, including his book publishing, United Nations Ambassadorship, and extensive tours.

Tony’s association with academia began in 2005 with a lecture tour in arts management in Russia under the U.S. State Department, which resulted in publication of a definitive textbook on the international tour booking process titled BOOKING PERFORMANCE TOURS: Marketing and Acquiring Live Arts and Entertainment. In 2011 Micocci relocated from New York City to New Orleans at the invitation of the University of New Orleans, which hosts one of America’s leading graduate and undergraduate centers of arts management training. He continues to operate with both global and local vision from this dynamic historic city.


Around ongoing obligations to the Arts Administration Program at the University of New Orleans, Tony is available to both the nonprofit and commercial arts and entertainment fields, and to arts management training, within the United States and globally, on a short-and long-term basis.

Program development, management and resource identification.
Strategy Advisor
Short and long term strategic planning facilitation.
Micro and macro issues related to culture creation and sharing.
Curriculum Adviser
Historic and visionary perspectives informing career-oriented arts management training.



Micocci Productions, LLC

Originally formed by Tony as a sole proprietorship in New York State 1992, the company was converted to a Limited Liability Company in 1996 as a corporate vehicle for a full range of activities in the arts and entertainment field. The company is now formally registered in the states of New York and Louisiana.
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Louisiana Culture Project

Tony established the Louisiana Culture Project in 2014 as a frame for sharing the diverse and distinctive culture of Louisiana globally. The initial project was a six-week multi-genre engagement in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation, involving the work of hundreds of Louisiana artists in areas that included film, indigenous dance, photography, music and food, titled RUSSIA 2014. The project was developed with the United States Embassy/Moscow, with funding from the U.S. State Department and private sponsors in Russia and the U.S.
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Shangilia Foundation USA

“SFUSA” was created by Tony and a team of ardent supporters of the unique Tumshangilieni child rescue center and residence in the heart of Nairobi slums, created by the late Kenyan film actress Anne Wanjugu. The institution was founded on belief in the power of the arts as instrumental in the nurturing and acculturation of children, especially in this case many from the streets and whose lives are otherwise threatened. SFUSA raises funds, advises Tumshangilieni as an American link in a global support network, and has arranged tours of a youth choir from Tumshangilieni in both Europe and the United States and produced a recording titled Shangilia Youth Choir, the proceeds from which support the center. The institution’s original name was Shangilia Mtoto wa Afrika which is Swahili for Praise Child of Africa! SFUSA is formally registered for fundraising purposes in the states of New York and Minnesota and holds 501(c)3 charitable status under the U.S. Federal tax code.
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Tony is approaching his sixth year in the leadership of the Arts Administration Program of the University of New Orleans. Tony also guest lectures internationally.
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BOOKING PERFORMANCE TOURS: Marketing and Acquiring Live Arts and Entertainment explores the complex process whereby productions are toured and presented throughout the United States and the world. It provides information and insights for all stakeholders in the complex process, including artists, producers, presenters and booking agents.
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Chapter contribution

PROGRAMMING THE PERFORMING ARTS: Balancing Mission and Solvency
provides arts center managers with insights into the challenging balance of dynamic programming and fiscal health.
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Birgit Mandel, Author